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Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!
Love Candle Heaven is having a huge Black Friday Sale! 

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Wow! No telling when Love Candle Heaven will run another special like this! This is a great time to try Love Candle Heaven products, if you haven’t yet! Or just a time to stock up on your favorite products if you have tried Love Candle Heaven!


New Contest From Love Candle Heaven



30th order placed of a 14oz, 21oz, 26oz Candle or a Confetti will WIN one 14oz Lavender tin candle from our Relax The Soul Category, ring size of choice, and will also win beautiful sterling silver earrings.
This contest is for reps and customers.
As an added bonus, any candle bought could have one of these random pieces of jewelry instead of a ring!! Continue reading “New Contest From Love Candle Heaven”

No Mess w/LCH

Love Candle Heaven


When looking for the “surprise” jewelry inside of LCH’s Candles, you will notice that we strive for a “No Mess” option. We feel this sets us apart from our competition even more than the fact that our candles are the best smelling.

Not only do we wrap our special gorgeous rings in aluminum foil, we also place them in a small resealable plastic baggy. This baggy is then taped to the underside of the lid.

All this we do, to insure you the most enjoyment from your Candle and Ring with minimal mess! After all, if your not happy, were not happy!

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You can also, when ordering your candles, specify the ring size you would prefer. Generally, our shipping department will accommodate any and all requests. Just comment your size preference in the comment section of your order. Sizes are 6-7-8-9-10.


Need a Manly Scented Candle


Need a manly scent?
Try this one:
Moonlight Path – A deeply romantic fragrance with notes of pungent lavender, delicate rose, sweet musk, and woodsy oakmoss. #manlyscent #moonlightpath

Wow!! This Candle smells so good!!! The scent is very pleasant!

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Love Candle Heaven


Looking for a unique scent


Try this scent: Monkey Bombs – A truly unique & creative blend of fresh bananas, juicy grapefruit, kiwi, bubblegum and plump strawberries with a hint of vanilla. #fruityscent #monkeybombs

Mmmmmmm, smells so freaking awesome! I absolutely love it!!

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Love Candle Heaven



Soy Candles vs Paraffin Candles



Paraffin wax is most commonly used in candles, but soy candles are another option you can consider when purchasing candles. Soy candles look and smell similar to their paraffin equivalents, but they offer very distinct benefits. However, not all soy candles are created in the same way. Some limit nonessential chemicals, while others include additives and/or are blended with paraffin wax. It is important to read the label and/or ask the manufacturer if you are unsure of any ingredient in the candles you are considering to purchase.



Soy candles are manufactured from the soybean, which is a  natural, renewable source that is grown in many regions by local farmers. Paraffin candles are manufactured from petroleum, a nonrenewable source that contains many carcinogenic substances, some as bad as cigarette smoke! These substances are released into the air while burning paraffin candles. By using candles manufactured from soy, you also support local farmers, allowing them to make money and expand their operations.


Cleaner Burning

A candle made from soy wax burns cleaner with very little soot released. Paraffin candles often create a notable amount of black soot that collects on the sides of the jar, as well as on the other surfaces of your home. The soy candle may accumulate some black soot on the sides of the jar, but the amount is way less than paraffin candles. Soy candles are also nontoxic, meaning they won’t release toxins into the air you breathe as they burn.


Longer Lasting

Soy candles typically burn longer than paraffin candles of the similar size. The reason behind this is the slower burning time and cooler burning temperature of the soy bean-based wax. Soy candles may cost you more initially, but the longer lasting burn means you won’t have to purchase new candles as often. Soy wax is also biodegradable, making it a Green investment that benefits the environment. This is a win-win for you and the environment!


Better Scent

Soy wax works well for retaining the scent from essential oils, which are often used to scent candles. Because of the slower burn time, the scent is gradually released into the air; so there won’t be an instantaneous wave of overpowering scent. This creates a more pleasing atmosphere for most candle users. This natural wax also holds color extremely well, which makes it more visually appealing.



Soy candles make more sense to purchase than Paraffin candles. Not only are Soy candles better for the environment, but they are the better economical choice. They retain scent from essential oils longer and have a slow burn time. The next time you purchase a candle, consider purchasing a Soy candle. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


You can purchase Soy candles here: Love Candle Heaven

Love Candle Heaven—New Direct Sales—Coming Soon!!

Love Candle Heaven offers wonderful smelling Soy Candles with rings. With several candle scents, we’re sure to have something to please everyone. 
Sizes offered at this time and pricing are as follows: 26 oz for $29.95 and 17 oz for $24.95. Sample’s are $2.00. We will offer more items at a later date.
At LCH we hand pick our own rings and place them underneath the lid of the candle. Thus, making it easier to find your surprise ring and making it less messy. 

Feel free to contact me for orders or to become a rep.

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