16 Boring Words & What To Use Instead (Infographic)

16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead (Infographic)

Source: www.grammarcheck.net


20 Writing Mistakes (Even Native Speakers Make) {English}

20 Writing Mistakes Even Native Speakers Make (Infographic)

Source: www.grammarcheck.net

15 Ways to automate your blog, biz, and life ⋆ Ivorymix

Life is busy and I try and automate as much as I possibly can and as soon as I realize it’s able. Read all the ways you can automate your life and blog too.

Source: 15 Ways to automate your blog, biz, and life ⋆ Ivorymix


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Free Stock Photos ⋆ Ivorymix

Free Styled Stock Photo Library How would you like access to free stylish stock photos and get more delivered to you every month? Grab your FREE stock photos!  Just tell us where to email them below. Wait, they’re free? Ivorymix and the free styled stock photos are for bloggers and entrepreneurs of all types, and yes – they’re free! The library is always fresh and there are over 100 in the exclusive library of photos at any given time. These stock photos come in packages of about 10 new photos every month and get sent right to your email inbox ready for download.  Why offer such a great service, for free? One day we realized we were taking simply too many photos for the Ivorymix blog that it seemed like such a waste not to share them if they weren’t going to get used. Eventually, the free packages expire and do get removed from the free library and moved to our Creative Market Shop.  So, be sure to download them from the free library quickly and remember you can use them personally and commercially forever as you wish (no credit is required). Plus, as a bonus, you can take advantage of the other free blogging resources in the library, and check out […]



Source: Free Stock Photos ⋆ Ivorymix

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Ethics in Blogging?

I’m Re-blogging this, because I think it needs to be shared.
No Blogger should ever ask anyone to change their comment. The Blogger has a choice to allow comments on their blog, therefore, if it’s not what you want or you feel is SPAM-my, then don’t allow it on your blog. You don’t ask for your readers take on things, then tell them their opinion doesn’t matter and they need to change it to what you want.
Thank you, rant over.
Enjoy reading the Original Blog.




Honest Heart and Mind

I’m a part of several blogging groups.  Several of group have comment threads, but each group has its own rules for these threads.  There is one thing that all seem to share in common however.  There are no requirements on how a commenter expresses him or herself.  As long as it’s a positive comment, no foul language, no insults, etc., there are no limitations.  As a blogger, I’ve noticed comments that are left are generally on topic of the post.  They discuss some aspect of a blog, even if it just one sentence.  From what I gather from conversations, the majority of readers do not answer questions specifically asked, and that’s great! Something sparked their interest and resonated with them.

Recently, I had a blogger publicly request that I change my comment to be about the main topic of the blog.  I understand the desire for this; however, if a…

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Paper Mache C-Wreath Project

Found this today while looking for gift ideas and just thought it would be so cute! You could make one for yourself or make several as gifts! I’ll make me one, and show pictures for how it turns out.

I am turning a paper mache letter C into a C-wreath for the front door or a wall hanging while spending very little money and using few products

Source: Paper Mache C-Wreath Project



Check out this post on Pollbook – http://www.pollbookapp.com/Share/396286

Johnny Depp poll

Check out this post on Pollbook – http://www.pollbookapp.com/Share/396286

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