The American Dreamer

It’s been quoted before “Living the American Dream” but what is the “American Dream?” There is no one or correct answer to this question, it all v…

Source: The American Dreamer

So this post I found on the American Dreamer website, called “Living the American Dream” really got me to thinking. What is the American Dream? If you ask the people in your life, you might be surprised at the varied answers you’d get. No 2 people will have the exact same response. And that’s okay. Because that’s how the American Dream works. It means something else to each of us.

So, what is the American Dream for me? I think I’m living it. I’ve been with the same man for 22 years and we love each other more than we did when we got together. He’s been my rock in hard times and my best friend through out the years. Together we had 4 beautiful children who are growing up to be strong independent people with their own dreams. We have our dogs, who give us companionship and love. We live on a farm with our chickens and bees. I’ve got a good office job and I sell for 2 direct sales companies. I’m the owner of this site, something I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the courage to attempt until now.

Yes, there’s been trouble and heartache on the path to my dream. No dream would be complete without these trials and tribulations. My husband and I both lost a baby in early pregnancy; which almost took my life. We’ve watched our oldest child battle severe dyslexia and overcome it. We’ve watched our oldest son battle demons no child should ever have to face. Our second boy, struggled through school, but he persevered and went on to vocational school to become a certified welder. Then there’s our baby, who is now 9 and is the smartest girl I’ve ever meet. We almost lost her when she was less than 2 years old due to a rare blood disease called Antiphospholipid syndrome. We can only think God on a daily basis that each of them are fighters and survivors and that they are here still to this day, to leave their marks on the world. We’ve lost parents and grandparents together. We’ve had to have emergency surgery to save our lives. But through it all, we stayed together, keeping each other strong.

Not all the years have been bad for us. The day we finally tied the knot after being together 10 years was a beautiful day. Even if we didn’t have the classic story book wedding everyone dreams of, to us it was prefect. We’ve bought cars together. We watch as each of our children graduate through the milestones of life. We laugh at the antics of our dog, Peteyboy, as he tries to get the chickens to play with him. Relaxing together on our porch as we watch the bees and hummingbirds flying around. Or just sitting together in the evening, me reading and him listening to his music. We’ve made some great friends along our journey.

And it’s okay that my American Dream is simple. It’s okay that I don’t want a complicated life. And it’s more than okay that I’ve already achieved my American Dream and am living it day to day. For to my husband and I, the American Dream isn’t to travel and blow a bunch of money on things we don’t need. But to have the love and companionship that our little family provides; and to celebrate each milestone with our closest friends.

So, for my American Dream, just give me a BBQ grill, a picnic table and my family I’ll be ecstatic. Or, hand me that fishing pole, I wouldn’t mind a little river fishing to past the time. Maybe, I’ll catch a good mess of fish for a fry. If not, it won’t matter, I’m sure I have a book close by.


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