Makeup Eraser FAQ’s

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Question: What is Makeup Eraser?
Answer: Makeup Eraser is a blend of polyester
that with just water removes makeup with ease,
leaving skin feeling healthy and clean.

Question: How do I sign up other distributors?
Answer: Simple, have your new distributor sign
up on your personalized website by clicking join now.
Filling out their information makes them a distributor
in your network.

Question: Can I make a large bulk order at any
Answer: Yes. As a distributor you must be on
an auto ship but you may make additional orders at

Question: Can I be involved with other network
marketing companies?
Answer: Its ok with us if its ok with them

Question: How long has the company been in
Answer: Makeup Eraser LLC. was established in
2012. The network marketing arm started in February

Question: Will you have other products besides
makeup eraser.
Answer: Someday after this network has
grown to expected projections we will introduce
new concepts that will allow our distributors new
opportunities to achieve financial wealth.

Question: Will you have a convention!
Answer: Glendale, AZ, April 2015, details coming
soon get ready because top performers will be

Question: How does the cloth work?
Answer: If you will notice, there are 2 different
sides to this amazing cloth. The combination of the
long exfoliation side, and the shorter (baby blanket/
bathrobe) feeling side allows you to remove all
makeup with just water.

Question: But how does it work really??
Answer: See above answer. People want to
complicate this product. Don’t let them.

Question: Why can’t I just buy this at a fabric
Answer: The fabric used in our MakeUp Eraser
features a very special blend of fibers. Our cloths
are created to do only one thing, and that is erase
makeup. You will not find anything as effective, as
natural, as the MakeUp Eraser in stores.

Question: If I’m going to use face soap still, why
do I need this?
Answer: The Makeup Eraser is great to remove
your eye makeup alone, it removes eye makeup
squeaky clean, you will find yourself no longer
tugging at your eyelashes to remove left over
mascara. You will no longer see your makeup
reappearing over and over after removing it. Also,
because it is so much softer than a washcloth, you
will save on damaging your eyelashes. PLUS!! No
more makeup residue, mascara, or stains on your
wash cloth or pillowcases. I have several towels,
cloths, etc. that have been ruined with makeup.
(People/Mothers of Daughters seem to relate to this

Question: Does it remove bacteria?
Answer: It does remove bacteria that are left on
your face and in your pores because it cleans your
face. Most people are shocked after washing with
a chemical product and using the Eraser how much
makeup their product missed.

Question: Why is it so expensive?
Answer: Well what do you currently use for
makeup remover? In particular, eye makeup
remover? If you buy any DISPOSABLE
product for this application, you are literally
throwing money away. Every time you
buy makeup pads, $8-$12, or cotton
balls, for you and your daughter
etc. it is money out the window.
With Makeup Eraser being
reusable it is the most
inexpensive makeup
remover product on the market. If you buy product,
you can’t afford not to buy one. So the question
really is…how do they make this so inexpensive and
save me so much money…..???
Question: How do you clean MakeUpEraser?
Answer: MakeUpEraser is machine washable.
Throw them in with your towels or a load of clothes.
If you are using a heavy tar based eye makeup, we
recommend using a spot cleaner before throwing in
the washing machine.


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